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Service of Process in Arizona Prisons

Service of inmates who are incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections facilities presents unique challenges to the litigant, attorney, and Process Server.  Unlike certain county jails and federal detention facilities, in Arizona, service on state inmates must be done by a Process Server. 

This is sometimes a very time consuming task for the Process Server.  Many prisons are situated in remote areas and travel time is extended.  However, because we are accustomed to the task of serving inmates (including minimum, medium, and maximum security, as well as segregated detention), the Process Servers of RapidRPS.com are able in many instances to serve the inmate as soon as the day after we receive the assignment. 

Once we have the papers to serve in hand, our procedure dictates that we place a courtesy call to the prison to confirm the location of the inmate and arrange a time for service.  Once that is done, the prison notifies the appropriate personnel to allow for our Process Server’s entry.  (Prison personnel have informed RapidRPS.com that many Process Servers not familiar with their procedures do not call ahead for clearance and are thus not allowed into the facilities.)

Upon arrival, the Process Servers of RapidRPS.com go through the same security checkpoints and procedures as all employees do.  Once inside the facility, the Process Server is escorted (or in some cases allowed to proceed) to the housing unit where the inmate is located.  At that point, the inmate’s identity is verified and he or she is served with the legal process by the Process Server.

From beginning to end, we calculate this to be approximately a three-hour turnaround in our day. 

The following is a list of Arizona State Prison Complexes RapidRPS.com services.  We are able to serve all state prison complexes in Maricopa and Pinal counties.  Again, because we have been pre-approved to serve at the prisons (and have experience serving in minimum, medium and maximum security, including at segretation facilities), many times we are able to serve an inmate the very next day from receipt of your papers.  Give us a call at (877) 472-7431 or email at service@rapidrps.com to see how fast we can serve your papers. 

ASPC – Perryville    (623) 853-0304
2105 N Citrus Road
Goodyear, AZ 85395

ASPC – Lewis    (623) 386-6160
26700 S Highway 85
Buckeye, AZ 85326

ASPC - Phoenix West    (602) 352-0350
3402 W Cocopah
Phoenix, AZ 85009

ASPC – Eyman    (520) 868-0201
4374 E Butte Avenue
Florence, AZ 85132

ASPC – Florence West    (520) 868-4809
1401 E Diversion Dam Road
Florence, AZ 85132

ASPC – Florence    (520) 868-4011
1305 E Butte Avenue
Florence, AZ 85132

Central Arizona Correctional Facility    (520) 868-4251
915 E Diversion Dam Road
Florence, AZ 85132

ASPC – Picacho Unit    (520) 466-7344
25230 Picacho Blvd.
Picacho, AZ 85241

ASPC – Florence-Globe    (928) 425-8141
1000 Fairgrounds Road
Globe, AZ 85501
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