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Foreign Subpoenas

Obtaining a Foreign Subpoena for Deposition or Duces Tecum in the Arizona Courts

At RapidRPS.com, we get calls frequently about filing and serving foreign subpoenas.  RapidRPS prepares, obtains and serves foreign subpoenas for attorneys and parties without attorneys.  

For educational purposes (we don't render legal advice), we've compiled some information to secure a Foreign Subpoena in Arizona.

Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 45.1 governs the issuance of a Foreign Subpoena in accordance with the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, as adopted.  (Click here for the rule.)

The Court Clerk will require:
  • An issuance fee of $27, payable to the Clerk of the Court for each subpoena to be issued;
  • A blank Arizona subpoena; 
  • A subpoena issued in the original jurisdiction marked, “For the Issuance of an Arizona Subpoena under Ariz. R. Civ. P. 45.1.”; 
  • Other such pleadings as stated under the law of the foreign jurisdiction, such as a Commission, Letter Rogatory or other necessary paper;
  • A Notice of Deposition, completed.
Regarding witness fees, the following statute (ARS 12-303) should be noted:
  • 12-303. Witness fees and mileage.  "A material witness attending the trial of a civil action shall be paid twelve dollars for each day's attendance to and including the time it was necessary for him to leave his residence and go to the place of trial and his discharge as a witness. The witness shall also be paid mileage at the rate of twenty cents for each mile actually and necessarily traveled from his place of residence in the state of Arizona to the place of trial, to be computed one way only."
RapidRPS.com can prepare, obtain and serve your subpoena for you.  Give us a call at (877) 472-7431 for details.
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