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Why Choose RapidRPS.com?

Why You Should Choose RapidRPS.com

The management and field service staff of RapidRPS.com have the knowledge, professionalism and diligence to stake our reputation that every paper meets our goal to get it right, the first time.

Make RapidRPS.com your choice for your process serving needs.  Whether you are an attorney, small business, bank, credit union or individual pro per, RapidRPS.com can design and provide the service to fit your needs. 

With RapidRPS.com, you get:

Competitive, Flat Fee Services – The flat fee quoted is what our clients pay -- no additional charges for time, mileage or other fees.  At RapidRPS.com, we offer competitive rates at flat fees.  We don’t charge for ancillary fees, such as “notary preparation” or similar charges, and do not charge mileage in our regular service areas.  We work hard to make sure our rates are competitive within the industry.

Electronic Archiving -- At RapidRPS.com, we electronically store a record of the documents we serve.  We store the servers' reports, proofs of service and other documents, including digital photographs to support the needs of our clients.  At RapidRPS.com, when we receive a copy of our clients’ documents in electronic format (e-mail or fax), we print them and retain an electronic copy for any later use.  If feasible, we scan the documents we serve and retain a PDF copy.

Electronically Transmitted Documents -- Fax or email your documents to serve and we will print and serve them at no extra cost to you.

Experience -- With over 20 years experience serving legal process from local, state and Federal courts, the service personnel at RapidRPS.com have the knowledge, professionalism and diligence to stake our reputation that every paper we serve is done right, every time.

Fast Status Reporting -- We get you the information you need, fast -- by email, telephone, or fax within minutes, not days.

Fully Insured – At RapidRPS.com, we know the importance of professionalism and trust.  RapidRPS.com carries a $2M Professional Liability Insurance Policy (Errors and Omissions).  If you need a Surety Bond to satisfy your needs, let us know.  If your needs require you to be named as an additional insured or obligee to the bond, please contact us.

Nationwide Service -- As a member of NAPPS, CALSPro, APSA and other organizations, we have process servers available to handle your needs nationwide.

Photos -- Photos: We will take digital photographs of the location of service whenever possible at your request and send them to you at no additional charge.

Same & Next Day Service -- We know how important it is to get your papers served, so we dispatch them the same or next day.  We move your legal documents... fast.  Rush service is available for guaranteed same day service.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation -- Not every business seeking accreditation from the Better Business Bureau can qualify.  But RapidRPS.com does.  Our commitment to high ethical standards to establish and maintain a positive track record, adhere to honesty, safeguard our clients’ privacy, and approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity affirms our commitment to meet and abide by the BBB Standards for Trust.

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